Instagram is the best platform for sharing visual posts such as pictures, infographics, and animations. Posts that go viral on Instagram appeal to the eye and preferably tell a story. Find out in this article which posts have the potential to go viral.

Pictures of nature

Instagram is an aesthetic platform, which gives landscape and nature photos an edge. Pictures of mountains, sky, seashores, and forests are favored due to their breath-taking beauty.  They catch a person’s eye instantly, make them pause in awe, and stare at the photo. These also include well-timed pictures of trees with their blossoms falling. For brands, a good strategy is to incorporate their product among these pictures.

In this industrialized day and age, nature has almost become a commodity for many people, particularly those living in cities. Their contact and connection with nature are limited, sparse. These pictures provide people with a few seconds of escape from their hectic daily life. This is why these pictures appeal to them, as they see something they do not get to view daily. For example, take pictures of starry skies, there is so much pollution in cities these days stars are barely visible.

Pictures of animals

Another popular category is pictures of animals. Kittens and puppies are very popular, especially when doing anything cute or making an endearing face at the camera. They make people stop scrolling and check out the post. Birds and butterflies get people’s attention as well. Birds with brightly colored plumage provide good aesthetic backgrounds as do butterflies with prettily colored wings hovering around flowers or fields.

Food photos

A huge source of engagement generators is food, a perfect background, cutlery, and prettily plated goods that make people’s mouths water. Your attention is instantly diverted to the post, and although no one eats this sort of food daily and you don’t know if it tastes good, you want to try it nevertheless.

Trending posts

Another popular type of post, albeit with a short shelf life, are posts based on real-time trends. These trends involve dances, songs, and challenges, such as the bottle flip challenge. These usually take up around 10 seconds. People who have done the challenge themselves will find the video alluring. Those who are aware of the challenge and enjoy it will also think it worth checking out, especially if the video is short. It is wise to invest your time into making these as they are an almost sure-fire way to get the poster’s attention, particularly with the right hashtag.

To end it on a good note, these are the sort of posts that are sure to get attention on Instagram. If you have a brand or page that needs engagement, use them to drive traffic to your page. Pictures of people go viral as well because they provide one with relatable content. Photos with faces statistically get more likes than those without faces. Generally, these have heartwarming stories in the captions, which make the person empathize or sympathize with the person/people in the photograph.

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Victor Jensen